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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Frozen Planet/Soundtrack/2013 music George Fenton


Anonymous said...

01. Frozen Planet Opening Titles (00:29)
02. The North Pole (02:01)
03. Rapid Change (01:20)
04. Surfing Penguins (01:00)
05. Antarctic Mystery (03:52)
06. Flying South (04:11)
07. Stones (02:05)
08. McKenzie River (02:41)
09. Cubs First Hunt (03:33)
10. Narwhals (03:01)
11. Elephant Seal Duel (02:08)
12. Returning Seabirds/Albatross Love (02:19)
13. Ice Sculptures (01:24)
14. Leaping Penguins (01:28)
15. Owlets/Protection (02:48)
16. Seal Ballet/Arrival Of The Humpbacks (03:38)
17. Lazy Bear (00:49)
18. Exercise (01:35)
19. Belugas (02:27)
20. Competing For The Girl (03:05)
21. The Long March (01:16)
22. Winter (03:04)
23. Activity (02:01)
24. Weasel (01:53)
25. Winter Sets In (03:24)
26. Battle Of Wills (05:38)
27. Emperors Return (03:00)
28. Greenland Patrol (01:23)
29. Minus Forty (01:52)
30. Following The Herd (01:27)
31. Walrus Kill (01:31)
32. Scott's Legacy (02:36)


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