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Friday, 5 April 2013

Simon And The Oaks /Soundtrack/2012 music Annette Focks

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01 Opener.mp3
02 School.mp3
03 Jewish.mp3
04 A Different World.mp3
05 Storm.mp3
06 The Sea.mp3
07 Alone.mp3
08 Hitler.mp3
09 Winter.mp3
10 The Letter.mp3
11 Fire.mp3
12 The Book Shop.mp3
13 Delicate Feelings.mp3
14 Isak Running.mp3
15 Simon.mp3
16 Symphonie Fantastique.mp3
17 The Atrocities of the Nazi Era.mp3
18 Piano Lesson.mp3
19 The Wait.mp3
20 Karin Comes Home.mp3
21 Iza.mp3
22 The Port.mp3
23 Lost.mp3
24 Simon and Inge.mp3
25 Love.mp3
26 Holocaust; Concerto, 2nd Movement.mp3
27 The Journey to Berlin.mp3
28 The Jewish Violinconcerto.mp3
29 Epilog.mp3