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Friday, 4 May 2012

Music Junkies, Inc.-Torque (2012)


Anonymous said...

1.Sword of Damocles 02:19
2.Invictus 03:21
3.Outta Control 03:18
4.Phaser 02:26
5.Exxidus 02:51
6.Leviator 02:07
7.Brutal Revolution 01:55
8.Chrome 03:21
9.Thundercats 02:16
10.Dark Empire 02:05
11.Impetus 01:44
12.Hardboiled 02:36
13.Men Of Iron 01:28
14.Shell Shocked 02:27
15.Outta Control (instrumental) 03:18


Anonymous said...

fantastic , any more from them?